Time’s Makin’ Changes In My Life

It’s been a long while since my last post. I remember sitting down in July and writing about the Orlando City Soccer Club. At that time I was just embarking on a journey with no real course. I didn’t know what to expect or where to go with it. These past six months have brought on massive changes in my life.

During this transitional period, the rebirth of music in my life has truly assisted me and guided me to get to where I am today. I’ve jumped back into my musical roots and it’s been amazingly therapeutic. The only way I can summarize the past six months is to reference Tesla’s song Changes, from Mechanical Resonance. The chorus pretty much sums it up.
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Viva La Fútbol – FIFA World Cup 2014 & Orlando City SC Lions

Over the years I’ve definitely developed an affinity for fútbol. I love the US nation teams (men’s and women’s), especially during Word Cup competition. This year, for some crazy reason, I’ve been enveloped in fútbol and have watched an ungodly amount of soccer. It’s been great. There have been some amazing matches and I truly appreciate the hard word, athleticism and pride these teams exhibit on the pitch.

Living in Orlando, we’ve been rallying behind the Orlando City Lions for a few years now and the overall atmosphere is tremendous for the sport. Our citizens love it. I went down to Wall Street for one of the US matches and the crowd was amazing. We had a great time, watched the games and celebrated the US advancing to the round of 16.

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Trip to the Windy City: IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Expo)

It’s been a crazy 2014, so many trips to different events, conferences and shows. Heading to Chicago for the Internet Retailer conference came at a rough time for me personally but the show was outstanding. As we flew out from Orlando to Chicago, some of the stress came off and I prepared for a great show with some of my favorite people. It was going to be great seeing some friends from Bronto in a different setting.

We landed in Chicago, hopped in a cab and ventured to the hotel. As we pulled up to the entrance, I thought about how the last time I was in town was for the Chicago Marathon and how amazing that weekend was, and how great this show was going to be. It was a prime location in the South Loop. We were one block from Lake Michigan and walking distance to the convention hall. Well maybe some wouldn’t consider 1.6 miles walking distance but I hate cab lines. Amazing location!

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