Why Magento Community May Be Your Best E-Commerce Enterprise Solution

When a client approaches me for an initial e-commerce implementation or a total overhaul and replatform of their current system, I educate them on why Magento Community may be a more cost-effective way to build an enterprise-level site without the enterprise-level costs. Magento Enterprise, which functions as a robust e-commerce solution for many larger businesses, might just be overkill for your company. It’s truly a case-by-case consideration.

Magento Enterprise does offer some features above and beyond their Community Edition software, such as customer segmentation and private sales. But for your money, is that functionality worth a $250-500k Magento Enterprise implementation cost, versus the $35-150k you would spend building a Magento Community site? Has your business matured to that level?
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Trip to the Windy City: IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Expo)

It’s been a crazy 2014, so many trips to different events, conferences and shows. Heading to Chicago for the Internet Retailer conference came at a rough time for me personally but the show was outstanding. As we flew out from Orlando to Chicago, some of the stress came off and I prepared for a great show with some of my favorite people. It was going to be great seeing some friends from Bronto in a different setting.

We landed in Chicago, hopped in a cab and ventured to the hotel. As we pulled up to the entrance, I thought about how the last time I was in town was for the Chicago Marathon and how amazing that weekend was, and how great this show was going to be. It was a prime location in the South Loop. We were one block from Lake Michigan and walking distance to the convention hall. Well maybe some wouldn’t consider 1.6 miles walking distance but I hate cab lines. Amazing location!

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Recap of Bronto Summit 2014 “The Commerce Marketing Cloud Unveiled”

My trip back to the 2014 Bronto Summit was well worth the nine hour drive. Jon and I truly enjoyed the ride. We were excited to get up to Durham, NC, and reunite with some of our ecommerce comrades. Unfortunately we hit massive traffic on I4 before we even left Orlando. We were delayed about 45 minutes only 20 minutes into the ride. Not a great start but we wouldn’t let that bring us down.

The whole ride we discussed what was accomplished this past year and what great nuggets would we take away from this year’s #BSUM that we’d be implementing over the next few months. It’s so much fun to talk ecommerce and all the things you can do to engage customers, make them feel appreciated and grow your business. That – and a few phone calls – made the drive fly by and then “BOOM” we were in North Carolina.

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