Women In Tech: Technology’s Rapid Evolution Over 30 Years

Interesting cover story on today’s USA Today. Not the one that Donald and Shelly Sterling are going to sell the Clippers for $2B to a “Tech Guy,” but the one about diversity in Technology. My comments on the Sterling situation are an entirely different story.

So the article is about Google and their workforce demographic. The USA Today pins Google as an “exclusive boys club” because they are 83% men, 17% women. Having been in the marketing of Consumer Electronics for nearly 20 years, I don’t find that shocking at all. That’s what the data has been for years; we’ve often marketed to boys and their electronic toys. After all, the saying “guys love gadgets” came from somewhere right? I believe this is changing as technology continues to be a greater part of our daily lives.

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Recap of Bronto Summit 2014 “The Commerce Marketing Cloud Unveiled”

My trip back to the 2014 Bronto Summit was well worth the nine hour drive. Jon and I truly enjoyed the ride. We were excited to get up to Durham, NC, and reunite with some of our ecommerce comrades. Unfortunately we hit massive traffic on I4 before we even left Orlando. We were delayed about 45 minutes only 20 minutes into the ride. Not a great start but we wouldn’t let that bring us down.

The whole ride we discussed what was accomplished this past year and what great nuggets would we take away from this year’s #BSUM that we’d be implementing over the next few months. It’s so much fun to talk ecommerce and all the things you can do to engage customers, make them feel appreciated and grow your business. That – and a few phone calls – made the drive fly by and then “BOOM” we were in North Carolina.

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Heading off to #BSUM to Reconnect, Reengage, and Reenergize

Today I’m driving to Durham, North Carolina for the 2014 Bronto Summit. It was a year ago when Jon and I attended the 2013 conference and were amazed at the energy, excitement and passion in the room. I’ve been to a lot of tradeshows, conferences, and sales meetings. This event was unlike the others. This was state-of-the-art commerce marketing passion. It was amazing!

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