Two Orlando Marketing Agencies Join Forces

ORLANDO, FLA. (March 25, 2015) — Orlando-based agencies BMDM and Technetium have joined forces to provide clients with more services that improve targeting and personalization. The business will continue operating under the BMDM brand out of its office in Orlando’s creative mecca, the Mills 50 district.

With Technetium’s development team joining BMDM, the agency is now 14 employees strong, making it one of Orlando’s largest marketing agencies.

“As we partnered on projects, I ended up discussing strategies with Technetium’s owner Joe Forgét so often that the alliance developed naturally,” said BMDM president Chuck Barnett. “We’ve been compelled by our complementary skill sets, the ease of working together, and our shared perceptions on how marketing and communications are evolving.”

Complementary Skill Sets

BMDM is focused on data-driven direct marketing technologies, specializing in appealing to customers through personalized mail, address-based web advertising and dynamic print portals. Technetium’s expertise is in developing behavior-driven eCommerce sites and online marketing services to drive traffic and fuel sales.

“Our roots are on the branding and digital development side of marketing. My background is in marketing and eCommerce development, and for more than a decade we’ve developed web-based solutions to drive sales,” says Joe Forgét.

The combined team means BMDM now provides web development for high-end marketing sites, Magento storefronts, and custom PHP solutions while also increasing the digital marketing offering.

Collaborative Space

The new economy of collaboration set the stage for the design of the company’s headquarters. BMDM is an open workspace that fuels collaboration. Interaction is facilitated by transparent walls that allow colleagues to see each other at all times, connected desks that make impromptu conversations and meetings easy, and a large social space with a kitchen and ample seating.

“Our teams have really enjoyed this new integration and are excited for the future,” says Barnett.

Evolution of Marketing

Now more than ever, multi-channel marketing campaigns connect with consumers through various avenues to ensure the message is properly conveyed. As technology changes new media like our Address-linked Web Ads allow companies to engage their customer in a specified location, as it’s cross-matched to a physical address. The evolution of digital technology has provided marketers the opportunity to engage consumers on their terms and BMDM is at the forefront of this movement.

About BMDM:

BMDM is a data-driven digital marketing agency focused on providing results for their clients by crafting data-driven digital marketing solutions. The agency offers a full range of digital development services and data-driven marketing solutions. For more information, or to see samples of client work, please visit

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