Viva La Fútbol – FIFA World Cup 2014 & Orlando City SC Lions

Over the years I’ve definitely developed an affinity for fútbol. I love the US nation teams (men’s and women’s), especially during Word Cup competition. This year, for some crazy reason, I’ve been enveloped in fútbol and have watched an ungodly amount of soccer. It’s been great. There have been some amazing matches and I truly appreciate the hard word, athleticism and pride these teams exhibit on the pitch.

Living in Orlando, we’ve been rallying behind the Orlando City Lions for a few years now and the overall atmosphere is tremendous for the sport. Our citizens love it. I went down to Wall Street for one of the US matches and the crowd was amazing. We had a great time, watched the games and celebrated the US advancing to the round of 16.

One weekend I went down to Dewey’s Indoor Golf and Sports Grill to watch the Brasil vs. Chile game. It was an intense crowd of Brazilians cheering on their team. There was also a small section of Chileans that were routing for theirs. It was so exciting to watch them cheer, get nervous and rally in support of their national teams. It was very cool to see and hopefully it will continue to be this way for US fans. The overall following has definitely increased and grown over the past 12 years for US national teams. I love it!

Here is a short video of the enthusiasm displayed by the Brazilian fans during the penalty kick shoutout against Chile.

Orlando City Soccer ClubDuring the tournament, I’ve also taken my girls to two Orlando City Soccer Club games. This team is so much fun to watch. The energy, the passion, the anticipation of MLS in 2015. My girls love it. They enjoy the game, the flow, and how the team works so hard to score goals. It’s been a really fun daddy-daughter date night activity.

With both of my girls playing the sport, and their mom being their coach and former collegiate player herself, we’ve been taking it in together and the girls love it. This past weekend my older one wanted to watch Argentina and Lionel Messi play their match. She watched attentively as they worked together on defense and the amazing set plays they run on corners. She was mesmerized by it.

My excitement continues as they go to the quarterfinals. We’re super excited for MLS in 2015. I know that this sport has such potential in the United States as kids continue to develop and realize that there is a professional setting for it like MLB, NBA and NFL. In another 8-12 years I think we’ll be a global powerhouse in the game. Hopefully our US development programs will prove me right.

Until then, Viva La Fútbol…

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