Lines, Lines Everywhere There’s Lines. #CES2014

As the second work week of January comes to a close, I’m in route back to Orlando from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year’s show was amazing. The energy and passion was back, spirits were high, and spending seemed up. Hopefully that’s a sign of economic recovery in process.

Earlier this week, when I was traveling out to the show my thoughts were a little negative because this was going to be my 16th CES and I didn’t know what to expect. I already missed my kids and I was traveling to the show by myself for the first time in years. As it turns out, my trip was amazing.

Upon arrival in Las Vegas I saw on Foursquare that one if my clients from Orlando was out there this same week for some fun and gambling. They aren’t in the CE industry so I was shocked, but happy to catch up with them. We ended up getting together for a while that evening and really having a good time. After meeting with them, I headed to the Paris hotel to meet up with some old friends. On the way I ran into one of them and ended up grabbing a quick bite at a Mexican Asian fusion restaurant. Very unique, very different. From there we headed over to the Paris “circle bar” to reunite with old friends. Great time had by all. It was a long travel day but very fun and rewarding. What a great first night to the CES show.

My first full day of walking the show I journeyed through the North and Central Halls looking at new and innovative devices for smartphones, automobiles, TVs and so much more. If you are a techno-geek this show is your paradise. I’ve always loved technology and being at the show each year completes my gadget fix. So much fun. So much to see. Needed better shoes. Good golly that much concrete does a number on your feet.

After a full day of walking the show, a few friends and I grabbed dinner and later attended Monster’s award concert. This year’s artist was Fleetwood Mac. Now I’ve always liked them but this show blew us away. Lindsey Buckingham might be the most underrated guitarist I’ve seen live. He was phenomenal, as were Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and the rest of the band. The show was UNREAL! Here is one small video sample that doesn’t do it justice.

On my second day of the show I walked South Hall which was fitness apps, GPS sport watches, headphones and so much more. The amazing technology advancements in fitness are truly unbelievable. My recent running obsession was peeked and enhanced with so many cool innovations to track your progress and performance. Truly amazing. It didn’t hurt that I ran into several industry friends from the years.

My primary purpose for attending the show was to check in our our current and past clients to see how they are doing. It is a great place to reconnect and speak with hundreds of people in one location. The other primary purposed (can’t call it secondary) was meeting new people and seeking out new business. This year I was far more direct about opportunities, partnerships, client needs and how we could be of assistance helping them improve sell in and sell through. Mission accomplished. We have several new opportunities coming out of this show, including one handshake commitment to get started next week. The power of positive thinking led to the most productive show I’ve attended in several years. It was great!

In addition to meeting so many new contacts, I reunited with a bunch of former Recotonians that I’ve known for 20 years. It was so nice to see familiar faces and to hear what they’ve been up to and how life is treating them. For many of us we only see each other once a year at the show and learning their kids are exiting high school for college brings a slap of reality my way. I guess we really are getting older. CES turned out to be an absolute blast.

So lesson learned, what started as an unknown with some negative energy turned into a tremendous week with my industry brethren.

Lines, Lines Everywhere There’s Lines. #CES2014

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